Cost and time can make it difficult for salon owners to create their own marketing images, our goal with creating The Magnet Sessions is to solve this.


The Concept

The Magnet Sessions were created to bring salon teams together for a day of photographic creation. The photographic session day is set up in an organized format where each salon team has a set block or blocks of time and simply need to show up at that time to create their visions. These sessions were designed as a beauty community event where the magnetic qualities of knowledge and ideas can bring participants into a centralized location.

Cost and time can make it difficult for salon owners to create their own marketing images, but the concept behind The Magnet Session takes this into account. Spreading the cost of the photography production between participating salons creates a cost effective stepping stone for salon owners and their creative teams to learn together as well as create their own marketing images. Because the sessions are largely preplanned and the logistics have been worked out it takes significantly less time to prepare for the production. All of this makes it possible to get a great experience, motivational incentives, custom imagery, and a valuable team building exercise with much less effort and expense.

It is our goal to create a turn key creative process that allows you to walk away from a Magnet Session recharged, inspired as well as armed with fresh, one of a kind imagery to use to brand your salon and your services.

Anxiety is the hand maiden of creativity.
— T.S. Eliot

Why It Works

Today’s consumer is overwhelmed with options on where to purchase beauty products and services and with so much competition in the market place it is necessary to stand out in the crowd and have a unique voice. Casting calls and photoshoots give your team  and your clients something to talk about and create a buzz. Today’s marketing dollars are best spent through real life interactions but also in allowing your salon team to grow. We feel that Magnet Sessions touch on all of these topics by combining them all into one package.

If approached correctly these sessions can take on a life all of their own generating overwhelming buzz within your local community and within your current client base. Through social media, in-salon casting calls, local print and TV advertising as well as general word of mouth advertising these events are the spark many businesses need in becoming relevant and exciting to their clientèle.